in Millfield Theatre ,
Tottenham Community Sports Centre
Walthamstow Leisure Centre

  Party - "Christmas is Coming..."-17.12.2016

    Tottenham Community Sports Centre

My sweet ballerinas, look up the Heavens, God lives in you . May God has blessed you every day with hope, peace, light, comfort. He gave you a purpose when life seemsed so pointless. He showed you the beauty of life since birth till today. I wish you to build your wall with love and humbleness. This is my heartfelt wish for you. Respectfully Anita Dance Teacher



Thank you to all families

for your nice  Presents and Flowers  If you could look into my heart the special place you hold there, and how much you mean to me my lovely ballerinas. You are the best . I love you  Respectfully Anita Dance Teacher